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Our Pledge to you. I have been in Advertising Specialty Sales since 1983. I have sold to many companies in this area. Including: U-Lane-O Credit Union, Springfield Utility Board, Selectemp, Flex Florce & Others.We will answer all calls or Faxes within 24 hours. Random samples & Spec Samples are available to you at no charge.You will get to keep the samples even if no order is placed.Shopping Carts come to us as E-Mails. We will E-Mail you or call you on the phone to verify that we have received it. Thank you for visiting our Website Duane W & Suzanne P. Fenner


We will put your name & info on just about everything!

We have now added show rooms with many Themed Items. If you would like to have a show room designed for you , E-Mail us today and tell us what you want in it . There is no cost for this service. all shopping carts come to us, then we contact you.


We have links for Carlson Craft and Birchcraft, for Christmas cards and other occasion cards.

WE HAVE ADDED ALINE OF ALL WAREHOUSING AND SHIPPING NEEDS. FROM PALLET JACKS TO TAPES AND MORE E-MAIL US YOUR NEEDSWe have iCarrots for incentive gifts, that can be purchased one at time. We also have Select-A-Gift, where recipients can choose from a catalog.

Looking for trophies and awards? We have those too!! Select the R.L. Owens link.

WE DO NOT DO ANY WORK WITH NEWTON AS OF 12/1/2008Take time to look around and see how we can help your Company's advertising!! Check back from time to time, as we are adding new products.

A reminder,your computer must accept our cookies to use the shopping cart. Cookies cannot be used by anyone but us...no selling/buying of the info. Shopping cart is for inquiries..(buying comes when you are ready!!) Major credit cards are encrypted: all info is safe.

If you need to contact us for more help & info: Fax 541-747-6138 or email at fundrazeradvspec@msn.com or at teridad72@msn.com

ENJOY! Duane